Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Future of mankind.

What up internet! 
I'm back to ramble on with my usual (and not so usual) happenings.. Sitting in my office, I'm bored, after a long time though. Been working a lot more than I imagined. Damn, life ain't that easy.. huh..

Anyways, recently, I thought of something. I don't know how the thought crept up in my mind, but the more I wondered, the more I questioned myself, why hasn't this thing popped in way earlier. It would have definitely benefited me during my adolescence.
Why is it that people love pets more than people? It's the strangest thing. isn't it? Or probably not so strange.. Looks like trained animals are more civil than humans themselves.. Actually, that's not the main point of wonderment. What baffles me more is that, is hatred among people spurring this "animal loving"? Now, this thought of mine, ballooned up into something much bigger. Much bigger than a simple question. It persisted me to think about mankind. It forced me to think about social values.

What happened to our race? I thought evolution was supposed to make us all better. Let me first clarify that, I am not a peace theist. I don't believe that one day all humans love each other and will stay happy forever. That's some bullshit you believe in after you get stoned...But what bothers me, is that, the mutual respect one should have to another is dwindling so fast in this world, it's embarrassing.. I understand that this beautiful world of ours has a lot to great things offer, but people are not in that list. Every day I'm reminded of the mean and heartless acts of people. I don't even have to read the local police blotter for this. All I need to do is interact with 10 people, 5 of which will be mean. How am I supposed to keep culture when I'm not receiving any?
I'm not trying to sound condescending in any way. Even I've acted like a douche in a lot of situations. Some, to reciprocate their behavior, some, just because of my mood.
Let's pause and take the pet-lover's perspective now. YOU ARE NEVER RUDE OR MEAN TO YOUR PETS. Yes, I used capitals. Because it's a true statement. Even me. I'm not able to recollect one such instance where I've been mean to an animal because of spoiled mood or because I'm having a bad day. You know why? Because your pet animals are always goddamn nice to you!! 

If we all probably behave the same way towards people, maybe then we will be avoiding a future of dystopia. Fuck optimism. Being a realist helps the world to be a better place to live, at least for the moment. I know that our current society has graver problems to deal with, but this is one solution, which I believe might actually work. And I've already taken my first step. I let my ego go (yeah, I know :P), and started being real nice towards people. Let's see if love begets love. 

"Wear the grudge like a crown. Desperate to control. Unable to forgive. And we're sinking deeper" - The Grudge (Tool)