Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The year that was, and the year that can be.

Hello folks!
It's been quite some time since I've seen the "Compose" tab of a blog. While there are quite a few reasons to why I haven't been blogging, one of them is me being a lazy ass. I while away all my free time binge-watching Netflix, silly YouTube videos and drinking with friends. Well, I don't feel bad for that, however, I do feel that doing so, is a direct hit to my daily creative output. I plan to change. *Sigh* The same damn feeling every year...

Our earth takes another revolution around the sun, and I consider it "normal" to retrospect my actions, choices I made and the goals achieved.. While it's all fine and dandy to evaluate your life, I ask myself, why this day? Is there some kind a universal social consciousness that everyone usually thinks about such things on the 31st Dec or the 1st of Jan? My guess is that it's a nice little milestone, as we are journeying through our numbered years on this planet.
Whatever it may be, it's a good idea to pen down what you've gone through in the past year. These memories serve as a positive reinforcement, and act as a meaning to life, You read them, again and again, reminding yourself what you're capable of, what you CAN BE capable of.

It's great to be hopeful for the coming year, but it's also important to be grateful for the one that has just passed.

So... my parents visited me in the US of A this year. That was interesting..
My twin and I went on a marathon road trip showing them around the beautiful sights this country has to offer, both on the east and the west coast. Spent a good amount of family time, comforting them to the lifestyle here, ate loads of the irreplaceable mom's haath ka khana, took them to my workplace, my parents were so proud that I'm leading a small team. All is good right? NO. The big thing was yet to come; Being two Indian guys who just turned 28, apparently has some kind of niche to it, a prime age to jump on the "You have to get married" bandwagon, before it get's too late. Late for what? It's not a feeling that we can relate to, so, as you can imagine, the discussion with our parents was fascinating, to say the least. A unique event which happened this year, but I'm an idiot to think that it won't keep happening in the years to come. I'll keep you guys updated.

Took a trip down to Puerto Penasco, or more popularly referred to as Rocky point in Mexico, with two of my best friends. Let me just say this, visit a country where you can't speak the language with your close friends and hilarity ensues. Getting drunk on amazing cocktails, lazing on the beach, apart, talking to the cab guy in broken Spanish, getting shit scared why he's taking the dark-alley shortcut and contemplating how you would protect yourself, will also happen. We decided to do more of these kind of trips in the years to come..

This year I got myself into the six-pack dilemma. I'll explain. The dilemma is whether to eat whatever the fuck you want and enjoy, or give up the likes pizza, fried stuff with cheese or other fatty goodness, and carve a six-pack out of my rice-eating, beer-drinking South Indian tummy. I decided I'll give it a shot, but it's harder than it looks, so I'm just gonna keep it next year's goal, okay? Okay.

DSLR photography is still going strong, and it will continue this way, as I did promise in one of my old posts, I am keeping my passion alive and taking pictures wherever I go. I carry my big camera bag, whenever I go on a trip and try out different techniques once in a while. On the cross-country trip with my parents, I met some amateur night sky photographers, and spotted some galaxies through their telescopes, One of my childhood dreams, check. I think I took some of the best pictures this year and two of them got selected to be in my company's official 2015 calendar. Happiness galore!

Saved the best for the last. Music. If I have to be honest, this is one of the biggest disappointments I carry, not only from 2014, but from when I was 21 years old. Our parents gifted us a beginner acoustic guitar, for which my twin and I would fight to learn and play. As the years went by, although I did play at a couple of events, I realize I haven't put the best of effort in learning it. What I lack is discipline. And this is the year, I make it my first priority to fully explore my true passion. It'll be a challenge and I will love it! I have decided to invest in some good recording equipment and make videos regularly until I reach a stage where I'm comfortable to play live and record some good METAL! \m/
Oh also, not many days back, I crowd-surfed at an Opeth concert. Ticking one item off my bucket list..

All in all, it's been one helluva year. As a coder by profession, I believe that life doesn't change by a drastic change or two, but needs continual upgrades, for achieving the best.
I hope everyone had a wonderful year and here's wishing you a wonderful next. Cheers!!

"If there's a pensive fear, a wasted year, a man must learn to cope. If his obsession's real, suppression that he feels must turn to hope.." - Take The Time (Dream Theater)