Friday, June 22, 2012


My eyes opened to red skies. The cold comforting black was gone. The ground below was scorching. I had to get up. My body ached. But I knew I had to get run. From what?
I mustered up all my strength and with agonizing pain I lifted myself up. This ruin of a land spread for miles across. No one in sight. The landscape was just mountains and shriveled trees. I looked up to find the sun to guide me, but couldn't find it. Just a  pure, blood red sky. I looked down and I was bare foot. Suddenly I feel this overwhelming sensation that I'm not running from something, but towards it. An unknown quest.
I din't know what I was searching for but now I knew where to go. I started running..
The hot wind across my face din't stop me. I was running, like a madman. Nothing could stop me. With a steel reserve and no sense of time, I was sprinting across this vast canyon. The red skies now turned to burning crimson and then, to a wild purple. The wind became stronger, and colder.
The landscape had changed and the trees had disappeared and I felt the cold ground beneath my feet.

In front of me, was a huge mountain. A bare, grey stone. I knew that what I was searching for, was waiting on it.
I started climbing the rock and I saw this ethereal white light beyond it. I don't know how long I climbed for, but I finally could see the mountain top and the light  was a big moon on the horizon. I hurried up and reached the top.

Miles away, a man was standing near the edge of this flat ground. I yelled out for him but my voice was gone. I screamed hopelessly hoping that he could hear me. He was just looking up at the silent moon and I could see the tears on his face glisten in the moon light. Then, he turned around and looked at me, before he leaped off the edge.
With the final glance of his face, I had an epiphany, a sudden sense of fulfillment and never felt so alive before that moment, for he, was my savior, my salvation, my damnation. He was my nemesis. My reckoning. He was me...

"I end my quest. You fall into my arms at last" - Desert Plains (Judas Priest)