Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dude... Where's the party?!?

Hell yeah, I'm back!

Hope everything's going well, with the usual dose of "shit happens"... They say everything happens for a reason. Now, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Whoops..., before I deviate, here goes the story.

Thursday 10.40 PM , Miami, FL

1: Dude.. U wanna party man?!?
2: Dude.. Where's the party?
1: Ah. nowhere special man, it's summer. nothin big happenin anywhere... jus wanted to go to the usual Thurs special.
2: dude.. I can't I guess.. feelin sleepy
1: Fuck ..cmon dude. U can do better than that..
2: not today man.. Early work tomorrow..
1: .. no probs.. later bro!! *beep*

1's mind :

"Shit.. What's goin on with guys these days..nobody fuckin wants to come out.. Oh well, maybe its thursday night. Now, what do I do.. maybe I should stay..'l go.. wait.. maybe I's just stay and watch Prison Break. Goddamn this duality.. I'l get killed it by it sometime.. Nope, fuck everyone .m goin! "

11.15 PM:

"Should I take the bus? .. Let me jus walk for a change..."
His iPod begins to play the "Aloner" setlist..

11.45 PM
"That was one hell of a walk.. Solitude is truly a man's best friend".."Fuck me. what m I saying. Balls to all this solitude and philosophy..Now, go and get some ass!"
Chuckles and enters the club.
"Hello there, you sweetlips!" , but he doesn't say.. He never says.. "OMG, tonight is going to be one heck of a night. what the hell seems to be going on here..? shit.. check her out.. oh, there goes another one." ..Glad he came!
Random guy: hey, whats goin on man?
1: Nothin much. jus chilling .you know. wooow, do you see those two chicks there? oh god. are they makin out? are they goddamn makin out!?
Random guy: Winks, "Crazy night, ain't it?"
1: "U bet dude... and its jus 11.30!" (laughs hard) "peace bro"....
Goes to the bar and sits down and orders for his fav "Jack and Coke" , double shot he says, to the hot bikini-clad bartender! ;-) There goes an extra 5 bucks on the tip!


After 3 drinks, and mindlessly checking out over a dozen hooters, he's horny. Naturally!
"My god. whats happenin to me.. Time seems to be so slow.. I can fuckin see frames....hey,did that girl jus wink at you.?" hits himself on head.. "Maybe that girl really winked..say hello to daddy".

After 5 drinks..and a few conversations which did not work out..
"Let me go dance.. I cant fuckin take it anymore." He steps into the mindless crowd going nuts who are in the same situation as him.. Looks around for a partner. "FUCK! no luck and never forget, life's too short to dance with fat chicks" .. No, wait. He spots a blonde. "Oh..look at her. shez hot. especially that nose ring. damn, haven't seen that from a long time." Still continuing his odd dance..
He finally says "Hey, do you mind if I dance??", ignoring her friend.
Blonde: "No, go ahead.. "

1: Breathless, he says "Hey , we gotta stop this for a while. I want to know you name, at least"
The blonde tells him her name.
1: Okay, lets ... *the mind stops working again* ;-)

1: Do you wanna go home?
Blonde: No, I m not from here. M staying my friend.. Ah.there she is.. waving at me. I gotta go now. It was nice meeting you.

"Now, how did I get so lucky! I always wanted to do that! I can still feel that strawberry lip balm.. wish she could come home though.."

1: 46:
1:" Dude..There was THE party man!"
2: "What are u talking bout??"

'Shit happens, for a reason' - Unknown


Monday, July 27, 2009


Greetings fellow bloggers....
Recently I have been tapped by the cells of some ignored corner of my brain and made me get into "THE" (yes, I'm using the cliched quote sign with my fingers) blogosphere. I felt the urge to write not just to vent out my anger or cherish my daily occurrences, but to make myself feel better that I'm writing the shit out!
No kidding, I can already feel it!
OK, so sitting in my cubicle, all alone, ignoring the tasks for the day, I wanted to start off my first blog as an ode to the toughest riddle and the meanest b**ch of all. LIFE!
In my 22 years of living, or rather 14 years ignoring the first 8 years which were unmistakably the easiest years of my life, I have been asking this question " WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS?", which in vain, found no answers for. Sometimes I'd like to think that, the answer might be worse than the question.
Now, that's another story. It being my favorite topic, m gonna write a lot more.
What m more thrilled is to write bout the present and about the godforsaken Master's life! Oh yes.. I had a tough time accepting it. MS is just not drunken chicks or easy grades! Its a real pain in the ass!

Not so many days ago, sitting in the shaky Delta Airliner, descendin down to the "glorious" US i thought, the beautiful AZ night sky, millions of glowing yellow lights, with a blank mind. Still digesting the fact that I had to leave my family and my twin, my mind racing with thoughts and volley of unanswered questions, there was an undeniable sense of elevation that I came to the richest country in the world. FREEDOM, I thought!
I felt the sweat on my forehead cool off by the dry AZ breeze when I stood on the airplane stairs. I was staring out into a strange world, scared as HELL!
To cut the long story short, after I got myself settled in the new place, it took me a little time to realize that I'm walkin on a steep road with slippery shoes. Every conversation I made, every person I met, every sin I committed, every place I've been to, every paper of the never-ending assignments I wrote, and every fcukin moment in this Master's life, I found a common thing. I still got something to worry about!
Today, I sit here and still ask myself that question and the best answer I get is "Coz, this is life". I do not believe in imaginary beings like GOD as what believers call, to answer this, but myself. Satisfied with the answer and proud of the surprising attribute of mine to keep smiling throughout the struggle, I would simply like to share my experiences and day to day anecdotes or FML style incidents to all of you through this media.

Say HELLO to America my friends! :D

Feels GOOD to be here...

"When you lose small mind, you free your lives" - Aerials (SOAD)