Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dude... Where's the party?!?

Hell yeah, I'm back!

Hope everything's going well, with the usual dose of "shit happens"... They say everything happens for a reason. Now, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Whoops..., before I deviate, here goes the story.

Thursday 10.40 PM , Miami, FL

1: Dude.. U wanna party man?!?
2: Dude.. Where's the party?
1: Ah. nowhere special man, it's summer. nothin big happenin anywhere... jus wanted to go to the usual Thurs special.
2: dude.. I can't I guess.. feelin sleepy
1: Fuck ..cmon dude. U can do better than that..
2: not today man.. Early work tomorrow..
1: .. no probs.. later bro!! *beep*

1's mind :

"Shit.. What's goin on with guys these days..nobody fuckin wants to come out.. Oh well, maybe its thursday night. Now, what do I do.. maybe I should stay..'l go.. wait.. maybe I's just stay and watch Prison Break. Goddamn this duality.. I'l get killed it by it sometime.. Nope, fuck everyone .m goin! "

11.15 PM:

"Should I take the bus? .. Let me jus walk for a change..."
His iPod begins to play the "Aloner" setlist..

11.45 PM
"That was one hell of a walk.. Solitude is truly a man's best friend".."Fuck me. what m I saying. Balls to all this solitude and philosophy..Now, go and get some ass!"
Chuckles and enters the club.
"Hello there, you sweetlips!" , but he doesn't say.. He never says.. "OMG, tonight is going to be one heck of a night. what the hell seems to be going on here..? shit.. check her out.. oh, there goes another one." ..Glad he came!
Random guy: hey, whats goin on man?
1: Nothin much. jus chilling .you know. wooow, do you see those two chicks there? oh god. are they makin out? are they goddamn makin out!?
Random guy: Winks, "Crazy night, ain't it?"
1: "U bet dude... and its jus 11.30!" (laughs hard) "peace bro"....
Goes to the bar and sits down and orders for his fav "Jack and Coke" , double shot he says, to the hot bikini-clad bartender! ;-) There goes an extra 5 bucks on the tip!


After 3 drinks, and mindlessly checking out over a dozen hooters, he's horny. Naturally!
"My god. whats happenin to me.. Time seems to be so slow.. I can fuckin see frames....hey,did that girl jus wink at you.?" hits himself on head.. "Maybe that girl really winked..say hello to daddy".

After 5 drinks..and a few conversations which did not work out..
"Let me go dance.. I cant fuckin take it anymore." He steps into the mindless crowd going nuts who are in the same situation as him.. Looks around for a partner. "FUCK! no luck and never forget, life's too short to dance with fat chicks" .. No, wait. He spots a blonde. "Oh..look at her. shez hot. especially that nose ring. damn, haven't seen that from a long time." Still continuing his odd dance..
He finally says "Hey, do you mind if I dance??", ignoring her friend.
Blonde: "No, go ahead.. "

1: Breathless, he says "Hey , we gotta stop this for a while. I want to know you name, at least"
The blonde tells him her name.
1: Okay, lets ... *the mind stops working again* ;-)

1: Do you wanna go home?
Blonde: No, I m not from here. M staying my friend.. Ah.there she is.. waving at me. I gotta go now. It was nice meeting you.

"Now, how did I get so lucky! I always wanted to do that! I can still feel that strawberry lip balm.. wish she could come home though.."

1: 46:
1:" Dude..There was THE party man!"
2: "What are u talking bout??"

'Shit happens, for a reason' - Unknown



Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hehe... They don't call it the World of 'opportunities' for no reason! ;-P

Powerslave said...

Hahah.. Its also called World of "something else" ;-)

Karthik[:)] said...

keep trying mate!!!!!!!!

Powerslave said...

Karthik, Who told you its me bey?
Its all Fiction! ;)

Amrita said...

=)) duality.

Powerslave said...

Hahah.. Yeah..My duality helped me for the first time.