Wednesday, March 7, 2012


He watches the sun go down. The crimson pink sky engulfs him into a mood of sorrow. The cold wind seems to soothe him for a moment but his mind instantly flickers to the past.

She stood there waiting for his answer. She knew the inevitable has happened and has to deal with the consequences. But she needs him. He knows how to save her from the impending gloom. But he's like a stone. He has to let her go. For her own good. For love.
There's nothing else to ponder about. He's gone over this moment a million times in his head; Never an answer.

With this one final step, he knows everything will fade away to memories...which he's ready to live with. To live, in regret, in pain, in ruin. But, is she ready?.. to live in this world without her guardian angel. A world cursed by dogmas and social conflicts. But he realized that long ago... You cannot be responsible of others in this cruel world. People survive with their own might. Live by their own will and die by it..
He's got his own life to be shaped, to be sculpted into this day dream, which he knows can only be done alone. And he's willing to give up everything for it. He's made his decision.

Her eyes still glimmer with hope. His reply would change their lives forever. It would throw them into a realm of torment, which both should be ready to endure. He thinks about it for the one last time and says.."Goodbye" and pulls her towards him for one last embrace. She's silenced by his answer. He knows that she's holding back. Gently, he moves away and kisses her forehead. She looks up with her innocent, tear-filled eyes. He tells himself.. "Don't cry", turns around and walks away.. to die regretfully..

The sun has gone down, but the memory lingers. And the scars, still run deep.

"In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness" - (Closure) Opeth