Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was shivering against the cold breeze swaying across the dark, vast canyon... Like a nomad, I was walking with no sense of direction but each determined step after another, I kept moving. The sky had no stars. Just a big white moon. It was mocking at my solitude. No one to love. No one to hate. I kept walking. Suddenly I realize the soft sand beneath my feet disappeared and there was cold stone. No trees. No life anywhere around me. Serenity.
I came to the canyon edge. I could see a beautiful , grey river far across. I looked down and the black abyss looked promising. I looked up at the bluish silver sky for a moment and jumped. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My entire past flashed across my mind.
All the ambitions and desires seemed so small. Everything I ever did, seemed like a mistake. I wanted a chance, just one chance, to do it all, and do it right.
Time came to a standstill. Suddenly there was a feeling like never before. Nirvana. I closed my eyes and let the feeling take over.
And then there was black.

'Look at the lost souls, they seem so black' - Testament


Sunday, February 7, 2010


One of the those nights where things seem to go completely right but you know that if they work out, will result in a disaster. I might not remember a word I wrote today, although thanks to the spelling check, I'm not going to make a single mistake! ;)

Today was a very different day. Thoughts started flooding my mind and my whole past flashed across my mind, reminding me, more importantly making me realize however unfortunate your life seems to be, you always have a disastrous past which you overcame and owned all the dark parts which tried to take over your strength!

Glad I came back to the place where everything seems wonderful but nothing is! ;)

Back in black, bitches!! Chew on this.

" Don't go on without me. The piece that I represent complements each and every one" - ('Til We Die) Slipknot