Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is going to be interesting.. You guys must be thinking, look at this dumb fool who's titled a blog "Happy" and maybe he'll define it.

Well, yes and no. I want to write about just what happiness makes your life and what to me is real happiness. It's not like I found an happiness-inducing elixir lying around and drank it. Sometimes, you live through a moment and end up with a revelation. A larger than life feeling, and it's overwhelming.

The place where I live, one of the main outdoor activities is hiking. Because there are so many hillocks and mountains around, people have found joy in this tiresome activity and do it quite often. Now, don't you end up getting a wee bit curious in finding out why people get pleasure in climbing a rock. I can imagine if it was Mt. Everest or K2, but this, didn't quite understand why. I decided to experience it myself. 

5:30 PM
The sun was milder than the mid-afternoon time, scorching nonetheless. I set off on this crazy "hike", on a mountain where the legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is centered around. "The Superstitions" they called it. Awesome, right. Yeah, by the time I got to the summit, I thought I was going to die.
Now, this was my first hike, so I didn't really know the pace at which I should be going. So, I started off, with my usual chirpy self, heavy metal blasting in my ears, air-guitaring, headbanging. The hikers who were on their way down were eyeing me like " are gonna have it rough". I didn't see it then. 

5.45 PM
The trail was decent for a while, with a steady uphill climb, cacti strewn around the sides.. The landscape was beige with green patches of wild grass and rare blooms scattered here and there. I was moving with a decent pace sipping water once in a while and thought it is easier than I expected. Idiot. I was loving it so far. Having a friendly chat or two with the downhill hikers, patting their dog. Pretty sweaty college girls in tiny workout shorts. C'mon, what's not to love! 

5:56 PM
I was beginning to feel the hike. I had to rest a couple of times to catch my breath. And I realized I was constantly stealing looks with the summit and wondering why the damn trail seemed never ending. Anyway, after summoning my strength, I started off on the trail again, only to stop in another couple of minutes. I figured the trail was getting steeper by the climb.

6:20 PM
Gone was the dirt trail and now it was just straight up rocks. I saw hikers in front of me crawling their way up. I was exhausted, panting and contemplating if I should turn back. But I really wanted to see the sun set over the city I adore so much. I took one last sip from the water bottle and determined not to stop until I reach the top.

6:39 PM
The summit. Finally. My knees and ankles were killing me. I was exhausted beyond belief. The sky had turned bright orange with jet trails streaked across, like a beautiful canvas painting. I saw hikers, resting against rocks, tired but satisfied. A father holding up his daughter, silhouetted against the vermilion curtain. I walked slowly towards the edge, never taking my eye off the crimson burning ball of fire, going down the horizon.
My heart was pounding...pounding with joy. It was a moment of utter happiness. Not like the one you feel when you get an new TV or a new car. It's the happiness when you feel you taste a dish you made and realized, for the first time, tastes exactly like how your mom makes it. The similar feeling when your name is called out in your graduation ceremony. Every achievement in your past comes back to hit you and makes you feel alive. Happiness, the ultimate emotional paradox, was answered. 

Can I explain why I felt like that? No. I myself am still puzzled to why I felt what I felt. Such a trivial moment, yet a rare feeling. But there is one thing I learnt. This inexplicable feeling is overwhelming indeed and you are a different person after you experience it. You are content. You are real. You are..happy.

Time to go downhill.

"Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing. A chance to be alive and breathing." - Parabola (Tool)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 10 metal workout songs

I remember the first time I watched Rocky III. The movie started and this song "Eye of the Tiger" started playing. And the overwhelming sensation I was felt was inexplicable. I felt strong. I felt empowered. Here's an excerpt from this greatest workout song ever written.

Risin' up, straight to the top
Had the guts, got the glory
Went the distance now I'm not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive

Since then, I've been listening to songs and compiling a list for myself to which I feel I can push myself harder, run that extra mile. And I'm not just talking about pumping iron at the gym. I'm talking about building a strong resolve. To achieve strength...beyond strength.

Painkiller (Painkiller) - Judas Priest
Painkiller deserves this place. The song has fought it's way through the toughest competition. It is about a fictional metal messiah named well, The Painkiller, who resurrects mankind from evil. It is nothing but pure power, weaved with insane riffs, high pitched vocals, masterful drumming and face-melting solos. Priest delivers power like no other. I might as well have listed all of their songs and be done with the list. Enough said.
Extras: The Sentinel, Blood Red Skies, Jawbreaker, Ram It Down, Reckless, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, Some Heads Are Gonna Roll, Demonizer, A Touch of Evil

Fucking Hostile (Vulgar Display of Power) - Pantera 
From the masters of NWOAHM, comes a hate anthem, a song filled with so much of necessary hate, it uplifts you. This song is about you. Society teaches us a lot of wrong things. Sometimes, you have to just say "Fuck you" and believe in yourself and know that your way, is the right way. With aggressive vocals, super fast tempo and Dime's signature riffage, it is truly a vulgar display of power!
Extras: Cowboys From Hell, Domination, 5 Minutes Alone, Drag The Waters, War Nerve, Goddamn Electric, Uplift, Strength Beyond Strength, the entire Vulgar Display of Power album

Ruin (As the Palaces Burn) - Lamb of God
Oh Chris Adler..I solemnly swear to thee, I will be a devotee of your drumming for the rest of my mortal life. Ruin is badass. It doesn't give a shit of who you are, or what you are listening to before. When it starts playing, it transmogrifies your brain climate. It makes you ready to endure pain. Neck-snapping guitars and diehard vocals get overshadowed by the drums. Hold on tight guys, because you will drown in your own ruin, only to be revived as a stronger animal.
Extras: Set To Fail, Desolation, 11th hour, Vigil, Redneck, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Choke Sermon

I Am the Sword (Bastards) - Motorhead
The title gives you a hint of what's coming your way. Absolute power. The song's main theme is war. Lemmy's voice is godly. With a fast tempo, groovy guitars and a solid drum rhythm, it's an excellent workout song. Tried and tested.
Extras: Ace Of Spaces, Overkill, The Game, Killed By Death, Death Or Glory, See Me Burning 

Sons of Odin (Gods of War) - Manowar
I wish I was a viking. Seriously. Norse mythology is so fascinating. Manowar is classic when it comes to writing epic metal. Case in point, this song is about the gods of war. It's about sword and magic and death. They infuse these fantasy tales with tight guitars, warrior vocals and symphony which gives you guts of glory, ready for battle. And you are just in a gym..
Extras: Hail and Kill, Blow your speakers, Metal Warriors, Die For Metal, Warriors of the World

Imperium (Through the Ashes of Empires) - Machine Head
This Machine Head song is a perfect justification to the latin word, which translates to 'power to command'. It emphasizes self-control, confidence and inner strength. Rob Flynn's commanding voice, groovy thrash guitar bridges and loud percussion leave you with an unbreakable spirit. Let's call it a herald of triumph.
Extras: Halo, Be Still And Know, I Defy, Davidian, Now I Lay Thee Down

Sixpounder (Hate Crew Deathroll) - Children of Bodom
When I first got into Children of Bodom, I liked almost every song of theirs. Maybe it was the down tuned guitars or fast keyboards, it's probably the only melodic death band I ever favored. In this song like the others ones from the album, guitars overpower the keyboards which sounds borderline power metal. Heavy and loud. Just the way I like it.
Extras: Needled 24/7, Hate Crew Deathroll, Angels Don't Kill, Mask of Sanity, Children of Decadence, In your Face, Punch Me I Bleed

Ain't My Bitch (Load) - Metallica
Surprised? Yes.. Me too. First instinct was to choose Master of Puppets. But, as I heard it over a few years, this became my favorite Metallica workout song. I love the apathy in this song. Before we all go sexist on the band, the term 'bitch' refers to a problem and not a woman. Apart from the jumpy distortion guitars, the solo is noteworthy.
Extras: Master of Puppets, Sad But True, Enter Sandman, Seek and Destroy, King Nothing, Battery

Pull Harder on the Strings Of Your Martyr (Ascendancy) - Trivium
Trivium is one of those bands, which became popular very quickly after it emerged. This song from their second album is modern thrash and has some metalcore traces. I like the drums especially. Intricate and fast. The growling vocals also add to the power.
Extras: Like Light To Flies, A Gunshot To the Head of Trepidation, This World Can't Tear Us Apart, Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis, In Waves

Spirit Crusher (Sound of Perseverance) - Death
Ending this list with Death is a way of paying homage to one of the most talented metal guitarists of all time, Chuck Schuldiner. Rest In Peace. His high-pitched death growls, technically complex thrash riffs, make this song what it is. One of the best Death albums, IMO. 
Extras: Leprosy, Crystal Mountain, Denial of Life, Lack of Comprehension, The Philosopher

In life, one must always aspire to become stronger. Leave the weakness behind and embrace the brave idea of becoming a healthier, stronger and overall, a happier human being. 
Music is but, a mere catalyst in this path to totality.

"Power is everything." - Jin Kazama (Tekken 6)


Friday, June 22, 2012


My eyes opened to red skies. The cold comforting black was gone. The ground below was scorching. I had to get up. My body ached. But I knew I had to get run. From what?
I mustered up all my strength and with agonizing pain I lifted myself up. This ruin of a land spread for miles across. No one in sight. The landscape was just mountains and shriveled trees. I looked up to find the sun to guide me, but couldn't find it. Just a  pure, blood red sky. I looked down and I was bare foot. Suddenly I feel this overwhelming sensation that I'm not running from something, but towards it. An unknown quest.
I din't know what I was searching for but now I knew where to go. I started running..
The hot wind across my face din't stop me. I was running, like a madman. Nothing could stop me. With a steel reserve and no sense of time, I was sprinting across this vast canyon. The red skies now turned to burning crimson and then, to a wild purple. The wind became stronger, and colder.
The landscape had changed and the trees had disappeared and I felt the cold ground beneath my feet.

In front of me, was a huge mountain. A bare, grey stone. I knew that what I was searching for, was waiting on it.
I started climbing the rock and I saw this ethereal white light beyond it. I don't know how long I climbed for, but I finally could see the mountain top and the light  was a big moon on the horizon. I hurried up and reached the top.

Miles away, a man was standing near the edge of this flat ground. I yelled out for him but my voice was gone. I screamed hopelessly hoping that he could hear me. He was just looking up at the silent moon and I could see the tears on his face glisten in the moon light. Then, he turned around and looked at me, before he leaped off the edge.
With the final glance of his face, I had an epiphany, a sudden sense of fulfillment and never felt so alive before that moment, for he, was my savior, my salvation, my damnation. He was my nemesis. My reckoning. He was me...

"I end my quest. You fall into my arms at last" - Desert Plains (Judas Priest)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Future of mankind.

What up internet! 
I'm back to ramble on with my usual (and not so usual) happenings.. Sitting in my office, I'm bored, after a long time though. Been working a lot more than I imagined. Damn, life ain't that easy.. huh..

Anyways, recently, I thought of something. I don't know how the thought crept up in my mind, but the more I wondered, the more I questioned myself, why hasn't this thing popped in way earlier. It would have definitely benefited me during my adolescence.
Why is it that people love pets more than people? It's the strangest thing. isn't it? Or probably not so strange.. Looks like trained animals are more civil than humans themselves.. Actually, that's not the main point of wonderment. What baffles me more is that, is hatred among people spurring this "animal loving"? Now, this thought of mine, ballooned up into something much bigger. Much bigger than a simple question. It persisted me to think about mankind. It forced me to think about social values.

What happened to our race? I thought evolution was supposed to make us all better. Let me first clarify that, I am not a peace theist. I don't believe that one day all humans love each other and will stay happy forever. That's some bullshit you believe in after you get stoned...But what bothers me, is that, the mutual respect one should have to another is dwindling so fast in this world, it's embarrassing.. I understand that this beautiful world of ours has a lot to great things offer, but people are not in that list. Every day I'm reminded of the mean and heartless acts of people. I don't even have to read the local police blotter for this. All I need to do is interact with 10 people, 5 of which will be mean. How am I supposed to keep culture when I'm not receiving any?
I'm not trying to sound condescending in any way. Even I've acted like a douche in a lot of situations. Some, to reciprocate their behavior, some, just because of my mood.
Let's pause and take the pet-lover's perspective now. YOU ARE NEVER RUDE OR MEAN TO YOUR PETS. Yes, I used capitals. Because it's a true statement. Even me. I'm not able to recollect one such instance where I've been mean to an animal because of spoiled mood or because I'm having a bad day. You know why? Because your pet animals are always goddamn nice to you!! 

If we all probably behave the same way towards people, maybe then we will be avoiding a future of dystopia. Fuck optimism. Being a realist helps the world to be a better place to live, at least for the moment. I know that our current society has graver problems to deal with, but this is one solution, which I believe might actually work. And I've already taken my first step. I let my ego go (yeah, I know :P), and started being real nice towards people. Let's see if love begets love. 

"Wear the grudge like a crown. Desperate to control. Unable to forgive. And we're sinking deeper" - The Grudge (Tool)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top 10 song intros of metal/rock genre

Not so long ago I gave a shot at listing the top 10 song outros of the metal/rock world.
You can find it here

I'm going to do the opposite this time. 
By definition, introduction or "intro" is a passage which opens a movement or a separate, in music.

Some songs have a definitive intro, cut out separately which makes the song stand apart from others, while some intros are simpler and usually form the main riff in the song. 
There are a myriad of songs whose intros are special. I'm going to list MY favorite ones.

Let's delve in..

When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin IV- Led Zeppelin
Phew.. This was almost a tie. But what can I say; Mother of god, this song is a masterpiece.
This song is a re-worked cover of a blues song. The drum sounds are post processed, but it doesn't change the fact that this song rocks!
The most interesting thing is that, John Bonham, plays the drums at the bottom of the stairwell, while the stereo mike was on the second floor of this three storied hall. What a fuckin' idea!! The wailing guitar and the drumming in the intro also makes it stand out from any other intro. Now, go get some Led OUT!
Notable intros of Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven, All My Love, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Going to California

Dead Skin Mask (Seasons in the Abyss) - Slayer
ONLY Slayer could give such a tough competition for the #1 spot. The intro is lyrically, musically, psychologically, haunting. The guitars are tuned half step down. Tom Araya's vocals are grim throughout, King and Hanneman keep their guitars in perfect sync, while Dave "Drum God" Lombardo (did you know he was inspired by Led Zeppelin?), does his usual god-like stuff with the drums! This band is an unparalleled, unwavering, thrash monster. Hail SLAYER! \m/
Notable intros of Slayer: Raining Blood, The Antichrist, Die by the Sword, Jihad, Disciple

The Unforgiven (Metallica) - Metallica
The most influential thrash metal band. EVER. I owe it to Metallica for having the right influence on my musical interest. My passion for metal was fueled by this album. It also won them a grammy for Best Metal Performance in 1992. The intro is an utterly simple acoustic composition, played over some percussion played by Ulrich. It is truly special to me because it's one of the first things I learnt to play on my guitar. You must have already figured. This is my personal favorite of the list. This song forms, which is perhaps the best trilogy of the metal world.
Notable intros of Metallica: Nothing Else Matters, Master of Puppets, The Unforgiven III, Fade to Black, Seek and Destroy, The Four Horsemen

Cemetery Gates (Cowboys From Hell) - Pantera
Anyone else would have chosen the title track for it's intro. Not me. I chose this because, the intro justifies the song. The guitar playing complements the pain in Phil's vocals. The song is about desolation. By the time the song is done, you will see that it's actually about getting out of that anguish. Pantera empowers through music. A rare breed of musicians, who started off writing shit, but evolved into  a pioneer band, whose legacy speaks for itself.  
Notable intros of Pantera: Cowboys From hell, Walk, Drag the Waters, Hollow

Wasted Years (Somewhere In Time) - Iron Maiden
Can't get enough of Maiden. This is the only song from this album which does not have any synthesizer use. The beauty of this song cannot be explained. The lyrics will do it. Now, the intro.. Funnily enough, I don't know what words to use to capture it's essence. It's probably impossible to put in words..Just listen to it. The intro is also the outro of this song..
Notable intros of Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast, Children of the Damned, The Evil that Men Do, Brighter than a Thousand Suns, Transylvania, Phantom of the Opera

Dreamer Deceiver (Sad Wings of Destiny) - Judas Priest
New. Wave. Of. British. Heavy. Metal. Put these six words together, and you cannot go wrong.
This is my favorite Judas Priest song. Phenomenal vocals, perfect acoustical bridges, divine lyrics and a melodic solo..a truly out of the world experience. The intro verse is mysterious. Listen to it and try to understand the depth in those words..This song later segues into "Deceiver", another masterpiece, a fitting end to this heavenly composition.
Notable intros of Judas Priest: Ram It Down, Beyond the Realms of Death, Electric Eye, Leather Rebel, Prophecy

Walk With Me in Hell (Sacrament) - Lamb of God
This is a controversial pick. If you listen to Lamb of God, you'll find out that these guys really take their music seriously. Each part of the song, is crafted with diligence. This band is the epitome of lyrical enigma. If you think the intro itself is intricate enough, listen to the entire song. I've seen them live and they play their songs to utter precision. The reason why I said controversial, is because, I chose this by instinct, from 30 or more of their songs with such genius intros.
Notable intros of Lamb of God: Vigil, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Redneck, Choke Sermon, Remorse is for the Dead, Confessional, Beating on Death's Door, Omerta, Laid to Rest, Ghost Walking, Black Label

Be Still and Know (Unto the Locust) - Machine Head
Okay.. I was not into Machine Head as much as I am now. That is because their earlier albums are Nu metal. It is the brain child of two extremely talented musicians, Robb Flynn and Adam Duce. This band has got a definitive fan base who proudly call themselves "Machine" heads. This song is from their latest album and almost every fan will agree that this is their best work yet. The intro is an epic opener to a perfect groovy thrash song, with a tight solo. This may be the best thrash metal album of 2011.
Notable intros of Machine Head: Slanderous, Beautiful Mourning, I Am Hell[Sonata in C#]

Take No Prisoners (Rust in Peace) - Megadeth
Megadeth deserves a standing ovation for writing this album.This is what happens when musically adept, inventive and dedicated musicians get together and have fun. In my view, it's their best album, yet! The intro is composed of pure skill. It starts off with a classic thrash riff, drums join in, and before you know it, segues into the verse. This album featured one of my favorite guitarists, Marty Friedman. 
Notable intros of Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour, Rust in Peace...Polaris, Addicted to Chaos, Peace Sells, Moto Psycho, Dread and the Fugitive Mind, Of Mice and Men

Windowpane (Damnation) - Opeth
I'm a fan of the softer Opeth. I do like their progressive death stuff. But to me, Damnation was a work of art. This song, like the rest of the songs from the album, is a beautiful composition. It's a sad song. The lyrics indicate that it's about child abuse and the emotional scars they leave behind. The opening passage is filled with acoustic guitar, and soft drums..
Notable intros of Opeth: Harvest, I Feel the Dark, Patterns of the Ivy, The Drapery Falls

Gasoline (Audioslave) - Audioslave
Before I used to listen to Audioslave, my friends used to tell me, these guys write the best driving songs. So, I dumped the Audioslave album in my ipod and put it on shuffle while riding my bike and man oh man, when this song came up, I swear to god, I "involuntarily" pulled back the throttle. This intro defines speed. It makes you want to "burn that gasoline"...The lyrics are deep and they'll stir up self-assessing thoughts. This is a must have album, my friends. 
Notable intros of Audioslave: Show Me How to Live, Be Yourself, I am The Highway

Compiling a list like this is hard. One, because there are a lot of songs to chose from. Two, because I might not have even heard songs with better or equally awesome intros. So, I did the best I could...Sharing is caring! 
I leave you off with some wise words...

"So understand. Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years. Face up...make your stand and realize you're living in the golden years"
- Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


He watches the sun go down. The crimson pink sky engulfs him into a mood of sorrow. The cold wind seems to soothe him for a moment but his mind instantly flickers to the past.

She stood there waiting for his answer. She knew the inevitable has happened and has to deal with the consequences. But she needs him. He knows how to save her from the impending gloom. But he's like a stone. He has to let her go. For her own good. For love.
There's nothing else to ponder about. He's gone over this moment a million times in his head; Never an answer.

With this one final step, he knows everything will fade away to memories...which he's ready to live with. To live, in regret, in pain, in ruin. But, is she ready?.. to live in this world without her guardian angel. A world cursed by dogmas and social conflicts. But he realized that long ago... You cannot be responsible of others in this cruel world. People survive with their own might. Live by their own will and die by it..
He's got his own life to be shaped, to be sculpted into this day dream, which he knows can only be done alone. And he's willing to give up everything for it. He's made his decision.

Her eyes still glimmer with hope. His reply would change their lives forever. It would throw them into a realm of torment, which both should be ready to endure. He thinks about it for the one last time and says.."Goodbye" and pulls her towards him for one last embrace. She's silenced by his answer. He knows that she's holding back. Gently, he moves away and kisses her forehead. She looks up with her innocent, tear-filled eyes. He tells himself.. "Don't cry", turns around and walks away.. to die regretfully..

The sun has gone down, but the memory lingers. And the scars, still run deep.

"In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness" - (Closure) Opeth


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 10 song outros of metal/rock genre

After dedicatedly listening to different genres of metal/rock for over 6 years, I thought I should start writing posts about a universal language. Music. And, promise to keep it regular. My intent is not to turn this into a music blog, but to share my musical interests and write about to minor quirks and subtleties in each song which makes what it is.

By definition, "outro" is the conclusion of a piece of musical composition. Below, I list 10 of my favorite song outros which have left an impression on me!

Closure (Damnation- Opeth
There is no argument on this one. One of the reasons why I wanted to even write about this topic, is this song. It is by far, my most favorite musical composition of Opeth. Mikael Akerfeldt is a master composer. His musical proficiency is respected not only in the progressive metal world, but also by many other famous musicians. Coming to the outro in particular, I can describe it as "hauntingly beautiful". I'm using this term because, I know that once you listen to it, you'll never stop..
Notable tracks from the same album: Windowpane, In My Time of Need, Hope Leaves

Folklore (Heritage) - Opeth
There you go. Another one of Opeth's classics from their latest album. It came out in the fall last year and it's already highly favored by critics and fans. Although, this song starts slow, the music takes a whole new turn by the time it reaches it's end. Just listen and you'll agree that it's just plain, "orgasmic"!
Notable tracks from the same album: I Feel the Dark, The Devils Orchard, Nepenthe, Pyre

Astronomy (Garage Inc.) - Metallica
Damn...Metallica is brilliant when it comes to covering songs. This "Blue Oyster Cult" cover is my favorite. I've heard the original and I don't care what others say. It's BETTER than the original. These guys transformed this song into a piece of heaven. Hetfield repeats this phrase "Astronomy.. a star" throughout the outro, over Hammet's awesome guitar solo. The song fades out...
Notable tracks from the same album: Turn the Page, Tuesday's Gone, Am I Evil?, Whiskey in the Jar

High Hopes (The Division Bell) - Pink Floyd
Yep. It's about goddamn time. The masters of progressive music. Pure, unadulterated musical masterpieces have been churned out by these guys. This is one of them. The song is so beautiful that it makes me want to cry! I'm warning you all. Do not listen to this song if you are in a sad mood. You WILL cry. I don't know if it's because of the song's build up, or the high pitched guitar solo, or the lyrics, but you want this outro to last forever..
Notable tracks from the same album: Coming Back to Life, Marooned, Cluster One

Beyond the Realms of Death (Stained Class) - Judas Priest
Metal is my religion, Judas is my priest. I worship these guys. In the world of classic heavy metal, there's no one better. This song is a mixture of simple acoustic and distortion riffs, perfectly tailored with two mind-blowing guitar solos! The last one in particular, holy shit! I bow to these musicians..The only time the song title is mentioned (sang) is in the end.
Notable tracks from the same album: Exciter, Savage, Better By You, Better Than Me

Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ah..finally. A more popular song. Almost every rock fan has heard this song and instantly loved it. Not me. It took me some time to like it. It took me exactly 4 minutes and 53 seconds.. Haha..That's when the fucking solo begins. Oh man! I was blown away by the guitar skills Gary Rossington possesses. The solo is how the song ends. and it's for 5 minutes!! It's one of the most intricate musical compositions in my view. I wonder, if one day I end up learning it, my fingers would melt if I played the entire thing in one stretch.
Notable tracks from the same album: Tuesday's gone, Gimme Three Steps, Simple Man 

Floods (The Great Southern Trendkill) - Pantera
Where do I begin for this one..This song is a class apart. It's a very unique composition of Pantera. That's because it has acoustic bridges, drag solos, doom riffs. You want it. You got it. The outro stands out because the song mutates into whole new psychedelic experience. It's just a simple guitar bridge over the sound of raindrops hitting the ground. Dime, I really don't know how you do it. R.I.P
Notable tracks from the same album: 13 Steps To Nowhere, Drag the waters, Suicide Note Pt. I

The Dark Eternal Night (Systematic Chaos) - Dream Theater
Now we're talking! The pioneers of progressive metal. These guys are so good when it comes to musical composition, that they always better themselves with every new album. Freakin' geniuses! I can't explain this song in words. Really. You'll just have to listen. The outro riff is delightfully simple, but totally noteworthy.
Notable tracks  from the same album: The Ministry of Lost Souls, Forsaken, Constant Motion

Fear of the Dark (Fear of the Dark) - Iron Maiden
I had to. I just had to include a song of my favorite band in the world. This song, to this day, is the only song of this album, played in almost every live performance while fans chant in unison "Fear of the dark". The song outro is awesome because the intro verse is repeated at the end, but the lyrics are switched. "When I'm walking a dark road, I am the man who walks alone". Almost every time I listen to these lines, I feel a chill down my spine.
Notable tracks from the same album: Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Wasting Love, Judas Be My Guide

Alive (Ten) - Pearl Jam
I feel like you cannot go wrong with a song which ends with a guitar solo. Especially, when the guitarist composes the song's music. Vedder does an excellent job with the singing on this one. The extended solo starts off after the third chorus and it's just perfect! The drummer should get credit too as he supports the guitarist to the very end.
Notable tracks from the same album: Black, Jeremy

This post,in no way, means an exhaustion to this list. There are many more songs which I might have missed because I haven't even heard them. So, please keep sharing!

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." - Plato


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


10.30 PM
I saw her across the bar..  Her slender fingers were playfully swirling the straw in her drink, Sex on the Beach, I thought, from the color of it. Her hair went down to her shoulders, let free and was a beautiful burgundy. I wanted to go up to her and start a conversation but she was way out of my league. So I kept to myself and got back to my friends for the usual banter. Nevertheless, my hopelessness kept bothering me.  I was fighting with myself to remedy my despair. Soon, it struck me! I knew of a cure..and I was already drinking it. Haha.. yes.. It's alcohol. I was almost finishing up my second drink of the night and was feeling pretty good about myself.
I was ready. I didn't care if I was I going to return defeated. I dove into the cold water. Into reality.

11.00 PM
She was still there..innocent, beautiful. I approached her and said. "Hey, do you know today's 'Hug a stranger day?' ". She looked at me weird, then cracked a smile from the side of her lip and retaliated, "My mom always told me not to talk to strangers". I took the hint, and whispered in her ear, "Why don't you hug me first, and then I'll tell you my name". She laughed at the remark and hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I'm Anna". She smelt like lavender. I then acquainted myself and told her the whole story of me chickening out half an hour before. She told me about herself and I realized how awesome she was. We spoke about music, life, religion, astronomy and almost every topic I loved speaking about. I had her in my spell (Little did I know then, she had me on hers) Later, she introduced me to a couple of friends who I really wasn't interested in. So, I made some small talk and turned to her and said "Do you want to go somewhere more silent. My vocal chords will split open if we keep talking like this over the loud music". She asked me where, and I winked  "I have the perfect place for us star gazers. Trust me".

12.30 AM
The stars never looked so wonderful. I was lying beside a gorgeous girl, and looking at the vast night sky, sleeping on the hood of a car. I remember visiting this place while we were on our way to see the Leonid meteor shower. This was a little corner tucked away on the side of a highway and if you'd stop here and turn off your lights, you could see the night sky the way it's supposed to be seen. I was surprised that she trusted me enough to drive me to this dark highway without worrying too much.
We just lied there, lost in nature.. I turned to her to ask "Why did you trust me even though I never told you where we were going?". She replied, "I don't know. I just felt a strange connection". My eyes were fixed at hers.."You know, you are really amazing. I can't think of any else I'd rather be with right now."..She looked right back at me with her hazel eyes. I felt she saw right through me..My palms involuntarily crept on hers. My heart was beating faster as we moved in closer to each other.. our faces inches apart.. I looked deep into her eyes and before I know it, our lips were touching. And there it was, the most memorable kiss of my life..

1.30 AM
I remember listening to Floyd on my stereo, smiling, laughing...lost in the cloud of smoke that filled my room. The scenes seem to just flash just for a moment and disappear. My guitar in her hands, her smiling lips, the feel of her palms...

My eyes opened to a blank ceiling in my apartment..The sunlight coming in through my window blinds hurt my eyes..Then I felt my fingers reach out to the side of my bed. There was no one there.. I didn't want to believe it was all a dream. I covered my face with my hands swearing that this whole reverie was a lie..a figment of my imagination. I shook off the feeling and tossed over my bed. The pillow next to me, it smelt like lavender...

"The hardest part of letting saying goodbye" - Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back from the hiatus.

Hello my dear bloggers!!!

I seem to have spend quite a long time away from this sphere. 
Wow. World never stays the same. Does it?

Blogger has gone insane with the amount of options to beautify your profile. Instead of being a complaining brat, I've done quite a few changes to my profile. Hope you guys like the new look!

Now, where do I begin..
So much has happened between the last time I've posted and the present. So many stories to write about. Some worth reading, some worth keeping a secret, and some just plain weird.
Today my bro, who also happens to be my best critic, asked me to get back to blogging. Respecting his request, I'm urged to continue blogging.

I recently found a new passion. Photography. Whoops. There you go. I said it!
I used to use this phrase "Everybody seem to think that they are good with photography as soon as they own an SLR". Curiosity eventually killed the cat. I ordered a brand spanking new Canon Rebel XS and bam!! In about a month, I was  taking excellent pictures (at least I seemed to think so). Never realized that I'd fall into my own stereotype.
Why did I suddenly have an eye for nature's subtleties? Why did I look at reflections of light with a keener eye? How did I suddenly understand better vantage points while taking a picture?
Did I have all these instincts before I got the camera? Did it bring out artist within?

I was sure that I wasn't taking good pictures. But I definitely understood and respected the lens a lot more than I used to. I was now willing to learn the science behind pictures, dwell into the specifics of how it all adds up. 
suddenly found a new reason. The reason was to acquire knowledge on a concept, a set of ideas, which previously I was totally oblivious to. A few more months of practice, and I saw my skills improving, evolving, picture by picture. I also have to mention that the Canon shutter sound is quite addictive (I might have taken hundreds of pictures just to hear the shutter.)

Before I knew it, I was cursing myself to why I even had the stereotype of SLR + people = Good pictures. My retrospect provided me with an answer. The SLR is brilliant piece of technology. It brings out the inner learner because of the amazing prospect it holds. Every beautiful picture you capture will be like a pat on your back. With each click, a sense of achievement, no matter how small it seems, will add up to take the shape of a new of the few unique emotions of being human.

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow." -Imogen Cunnigham