Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back from the hiatus.

Hello my dear bloggers!!!

I seem to have spend quite a long time away from this sphere. 
Wow. World never stays the same. Does it?

Blogger has gone insane with the amount of options to beautify your profile. Instead of being a complaining brat, I've done quite a few changes to my profile. Hope you guys like the new look!

Now, where do I begin..
So much has happened between the last time I've posted and the present. So many stories to write about. Some worth reading, some worth keeping a secret, and some just plain weird.
Today my bro, who also happens to be my best critic, asked me to get back to blogging. Respecting his request, I'm urged to continue blogging.

I recently found a new passion. Photography. Whoops. There you go. I said it!
I used to use this phrase "Everybody seem to think that they are good with photography as soon as they own an SLR". Curiosity eventually killed the cat. I ordered a brand spanking new Canon Rebel XS and bam!! In about a month, I was  taking excellent pictures (at least I seemed to think so). Never realized that I'd fall into my own stereotype.
Why did I suddenly have an eye for nature's subtleties? Why did I look at reflections of light with a keener eye? How did I suddenly understand better vantage points while taking a picture?
Did I have all these instincts before I got the camera? Did it bring out artist within?

I was sure that I wasn't taking good pictures. But I definitely understood and respected the lens a lot more than I used to. I was now willing to learn the science behind pictures, dwell into the specifics of how it all adds up. 
suddenly found a new reason. The reason was to acquire knowledge on a concept, a set of ideas, which previously I was totally oblivious to. A few more months of practice, and I saw my skills improving, evolving, picture by picture. I also have to mention that the Canon shutter sound is quite addictive (I might have taken hundreds of pictures just to hear the shutter.)

Before I knew it, I was cursing myself to why I even had the stereotype of SLR + people = Good pictures. My retrospect provided me with an answer. The SLR is brilliant piece of technology. It brings out the inner learner because of the amazing prospect it holds. Every beautiful picture you capture will be like a pat on your back. With each click, a sense of achievement, no matter how small it seems, will add up to take the shape of a new of the few unique emotions of being human.

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow." -Imogen Cunnigham



Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Quite a while? Quiiiiiiittteeee a while! So glad you 're back! :)

Jaiditya Namburi said...

Haha.. I know.. I will make it a point to keep blogging regularly now! :)

I have to catch up on your posts as well!