Tuesday, February 14, 2012


10.30 PM
I saw her across the bar..  Her slender fingers were playfully swirling the straw in her drink, Sex on the Beach, I thought, from the color of it. Her hair went down to her shoulders, let free and was a beautiful burgundy. I wanted to go up to her and start a conversation but she was way out of my league. So I kept to myself and got back to my friends for the usual banter. Nevertheless, my hopelessness kept bothering me.  I was fighting with myself to remedy my despair. Soon, it struck me! I knew of a cure..and I was already drinking it. Haha.. yes.. It's alcohol. I was almost finishing up my second drink of the night and was feeling pretty good about myself.
I was ready. I didn't care if I was I going to return defeated. I dove into the cold water. Into reality.

11.00 PM
She was still there..innocent, beautiful. I approached her and said. "Hey, do you know today's 'Hug a stranger day?' ". She looked at me weird, then cracked a smile from the side of her lip and retaliated, "My mom always told me not to talk to strangers". I took the hint, and whispered in her ear, "Why don't you hug me first, and then I'll tell you my name". She laughed at the remark and hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I'm Anna". She smelt like lavender. I then acquainted myself and told her the whole story of me chickening out half an hour before. She told me about herself and I realized how awesome she was. We spoke about music, life, religion, astronomy and almost every topic I loved speaking about. I had her in my spell (Little did I know then, she had me on hers) Later, she introduced me to a couple of friends who I really wasn't interested in. So, I made some small talk and turned to her and said "Do you want to go somewhere more silent. My vocal chords will split open if we keep talking like this over the loud music". She asked me where, and I winked  "I have the perfect place for us star gazers. Trust me".

12.30 AM
The stars never looked so wonderful. I was lying beside a gorgeous girl, and looking at the vast night sky, sleeping on the hood of a car. I remember visiting this place while we were on our way to see the Leonid meteor shower. This was a little corner tucked away on the side of a highway and if you'd stop here and turn off your lights, you could see the night sky the way it's supposed to be seen. I was surprised that she trusted me enough to drive me to this dark highway without worrying too much.
We just lied there, lost in nature.. I turned to her to ask "Why did you trust me even though I never told you where we were going?". She replied, "I don't know. I just felt a strange connection". My eyes were fixed at hers.."You know, you are really amazing. I can't think of any else I'd rather be with right now."..She looked right back at me with her hazel eyes. I felt she saw right through me..My palms involuntarily crept on hers. My heart was beating faster as we moved in closer to each other.. our faces inches apart.. I looked deep into her eyes and before I know it, our lips were touching. And there it was, the most memorable kiss of my life..

1.30 AM
I remember listening to Floyd on my stereo, smiling, laughing...lost in the cloud of smoke that filled my room. The scenes seem to just flash just for a moment and disappear. My guitar in her hands, her smiling lips, the feel of her palms...

My eyes opened to a blank ceiling in my apartment..The sunlight coming in through my window blinds hurt my eyes..Then I felt my fingers reach out to the side of my bed. There was no one there.. I didn't want to believe it was all a dream. I covered my face with my hands swearing that this whole reverie was a lie..a figment of my imagination. I shook off the feeling and tossed over my bed. The pillow next to me, it smelt like lavender...

"The hardest part of letting go..is saying goodbye" - Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)



Priyanka Tadipatri said...

For a minute, I got so damn jealous of the beautiful romance! After the minute, I was OK. :D
Dream on... if each one of your dreams could inspire you to write a post!


P.S.: Thanks for keeping your word and coming back, for once! :P

Jaiditya Namburi said...

Hahah. Thanks for the comments.. But read the last line of the post again.

And I will stick to my word from now on.

Chilli said...

Awwwww this is soooo like into the romance !! ... JD r u sure this is just a dream or a dream come true :P

*we know your charm* <3

Jaiditya Namburi said...

I left a few parts on purpose for reader interpretation.. ;)
I can't deny that I'm romantic though..
And i'm truly flattered! *hugs*