Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Last Air umm.. "Mind" bender..

Well, hello there...
I've been hiding from the writing world for quite sometime now.. But no more.. no more I say! :P
Bogged down with work, research and other social commitments..I rarely got time to play my guitar too. But I promised myself that I would take time out to do things I like!

So, here we go again..

Last night, I convinced two of my good friends to go to the midnight premiere of "The Last Airbender" directed by M. Night Shyamalan. We all know who this freak is.. Don't we?
We took the tickets, went to the stand pipe and were amazed to see there's a huge fucking line.. I'm not kidding, the line was so long, that by the time we went to it's end, we reached the parking lot!
I told myself that this probably was normal, as I din't go to many midnight premieres.. After standing there for almost an hour, we were let in and after some running around, we got awesome seats. We were super excited for the movie to begin.

Five minutes into the movie, I noticed that the actors looked dry and the screenplay was pathetic. I thought I was judging too soon and let it go..
well, to everyone's disappointment, the rest of the movie was WORSE.
The movie was so lame, that you could hear giggles all over the theater.
Hell. One guy even "flipped the bird" to the screen before he exited the hall.
The actors weren't given enough reel space to show their potential (although, I doubt if they had any..). And what is up with so many desi actors.. The guy who played the role of General is an Indian comedian for heaven's sake. His serious dialogues and expressions made me laugh even more!
For all the cartoon-to-action movie lovers out there, stay away from this movie. Mr. Night Shyamalan ruined the movie in every possible way.
And the best part is, he's planning to come up with sequels for this. Hope someone else will take over the director's chair and save us from the misery of watching the next chapter of one of our favorite cartoons get wasted.

Oh.. btw, I lost two good friends last night.. :P
I'm pretty sure they'll kick my ass when I'll say "Lets go to a movie tonight" the next time!

“No good movie is long enough, and no bad movie is short enough.” - Roger Ebert


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