Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is going to be interesting.. You guys must be thinking, look at this dumb fool who's titled a blog "Happy" and maybe he'll define it.

Well, yes and no. I want to write about just what happiness makes your life and what to me is real happiness. It's not like I found an happiness-inducing elixir lying around and drank it. Sometimes, you live through a moment and end up with a revelation. A larger than life feeling, and it's overwhelming.

The place where I live, one of the main outdoor activities is hiking. Because there are so many hillocks and mountains around, people have found joy in this tiresome activity and do it quite often. Now, don't you end up getting a wee bit curious in finding out why people get pleasure in climbing a rock. I can imagine if it was Mt. Everest or K2, but this, didn't quite understand why. I decided to experience it myself. 

5:30 PM
The sun was milder than the mid-afternoon time, scorching nonetheless. I set off on this crazy "hike", on a mountain where the legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is centered around. "The Superstitions" they called it. Awesome, right. Yeah, by the time I got to the summit, I thought I was going to die.
Now, this was my first hike, so I didn't really know the pace at which I should be going. So, I started off, with my usual chirpy self, heavy metal blasting in my ears, air-guitaring, headbanging. The hikers who were on their way down were eyeing me like " are gonna have it rough". I didn't see it then. 

5.45 PM
The trail was decent for a while, with a steady uphill climb, cacti strewn around the sides.. The landscape was beige with green patches of wild grass and rare blooms scattered here and there. I was moving with a decent pace sipping water once in a while and thought it is easier than I expected. Idiot. I was loving it so far. Having a friendly chat or two with the downhill hikers, patting their dog. Pretty sweaty college girls in tiny workout shorts. C'mon, what's not to love! 

5:56 PM
I was beginning to feel the hike. I had to rest a couple of times to catch my breath. And I realized I was constantly stealing looks with the summit and wondering why the damn trail seemed never ending. Anyway, after summoning my strength, I started off on the trail again, only to stop in another couple of minutes. I figured the trail was getting steeper by the climb.

6:20 PM
Gone was the dirt trail and now it was just straight up rocks. I saw hikers in front of me crawling their way up. I was exhausted, panting and contemplating if I should turn back. But I really wanted to see the sun set over the city I adore so much. I took one last sip from the water bottle and determined not to stop until I reach the top.

6:39 PM
The summit. Finally. My knees and ankles were killing me. I was exhausted beyond belief. The sky had turned bright orange with jet trails streaked across, like a beautiful canvas painting. I saw hikers, resting against rocks, tired but satisfied. A father holding up his daughter, silhouetted against the vermilion curtain. I walked slowly towards the edge, never taking my eye off the crimson burning ball of fire, going down the horizon.
My heart was pounding...pounding with joy. It was a moment of utter happiness. Not like the one you feel when you get an new TV or a new car. It's the happiness when you feel you taste a dish you made and realized, for the first time, tastes exactly like how your mom makes it. The similar feeling when your name is called out in your graduation ceremony. Every achievement in your past comes back to hit you and makes you feel alive. Happiness, the ultimate emotional paradox, was answered. 

Can I explain why I felt like that? No. I myself am still puzzled to why I felt what I felt. Such a trivial moment, yet a rare feeling. But there is one thing I learnt. This inexplicable feeling is overwhelming indeed and you are a different person after you experience it. You are content. You are real. You are..happy.

Time to go downhill.

"Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing. A chance to be alive and breathing." - Parabola (Tool)



Karthik Boddu said...

the story well put bey. I could feel your journey of hike as story went by.

first 2 lines of penultimate para carried the whole weight of your attempt. an emotional metaphor !

Im glad that you experienced that feeling dude... it almost nullifies the need for a tomorrow.

keep going !!

Jaiditya Namburi said...

Thanks bey.

I'm glad you liked the post.
As they say, "Tomorrow never comes".

gautami said...

On the "lighter side": Sweat=Happiness..:P
The post mirrors my feelings during and after the hike..Perfect selection of words..
Read a few of your posts of this year too..Keep writing..