Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The horizon...

Yeah. I know. It's been quite sometime you saw my post!
I've been here and there you know.

Life's just too complicated .. damn it! Don't know what the heck is goin on these days. Is it just me or are things getting a little out of control.??
I haven't been able to sleep properly past few days. Too many thoughts, random dreams about even more random things, untimely sleep..
Today, it dawned to me that there is a place in your mind, which you do not want to go .. and I am standing on its horizon. Beyond it lies complete chaos. Well, do you want me to tell you what that is? - REALITY!
Yep., all this time, I have been living in a full-blown mental illusion. Every goddamn thing is too rosy here.. everyone is good.. things are fair. These are what I thought are right. Now,as i've got a glimpse of that godforsaken place in my mind, I'm just stuck to the horizon, which is worse. What happens when you realize that everything you know is spinning out of control but can't do anything about it! You can almost forget about forgetting it. This feeling is not just a mood swing or a result of a bad day. It's an eye-opener which I guess, everybody faces in life.
but here comes the silver lining. What did ya think.. I'll get myself depressed with all this shit? That ain't me. ;-]
This is the ultimate self-revelation.. Although, this realization is like a foot to the throat, it just makes us stronger. You begin to look at life differently, most importantly LIVE it differently...
Remember, the fight is worth it only if the scar is deeper.

Each dawn another curse, every breath a twisting blade...What will be left behind in the ashes of the wake? - Lamb of God



Karthik[:)] said...

hhmmnn took u a long time to post the next one..nevertheless....temme dude which bodhi tree did u sit under for such stark realizations?? ;-) ;-)

Powerslave said...

Lol..dude..Not under a tree, but all this happened, when I dwelled into unexplored corners of my mind.. :P

anubha said...

sumtimes just stepping back and taking inventory helps. remember the horizon is an imaginary line where the sky and the earth only appear to meet....an NOONEs ever been on it. lifes to short to worry about whats wrong with it.....an knowing yu JD, yu have it in yu to fix it. i believe the choices we make in life define us...they make us who we are. its yur time to chose JD.....an awesome read!

Powerslave said...

Thanks Anubha..Yeah, I think there lies the problem. Life is going so fast that I don't have time to slow down and think about a few things..and I think afterall, the choices you make, influence your life more than the choices you leave behind..