Friday, May 10, 2013

The pointy end

The corpses lie everywhere.. Left to be decayed. The army that once was. Now lies in a sea of blood..where they belong.

My cloak wisps in the wind as the man lies on his knees before me. His whimper is loud and liberating, as the cold of steel lies firm, on his sweat dripping neck. I hold my sword with a solemn grip, while I feel the sharp edge pushing against his soft skin...

This man had it coming. I lost everything to him. My world was shattered when he took away my love. Those eyes. They've left me marooned. Never to return. The first few months were the hardest. I cried every night. Soon, the tears dried out, only to leave vengeance behind. A cold-blooded revenge awaited. I found a purpose to live again. I knew that getting to him would be a tough task. I had to go through his army of assassins before I get to him. So I trained myself. Day and night.

Two years later
I was ready to meet my maker. So I set out on my redemption quest, ironclad and ready to kill. It was a long journey to his estate. Each determined step only reminded me of what awaited at the end. Death. I was going to kill them all. I knew that once I stepped foot in his territory, his guardians would descend upon me with all their might. The dark grey clouds above cast melancholy, almost signifying the day. I enter his gates. In the distance, our eyes meet, and I see a smile form upon his face summoning his guards. It's almost as if he knew.

There I was, alone, yielding a sword, and in front of me, was a army of hundred men. All of them, trained to kill. I fleeted towards them like a mountain lion. The battle was long and fierce, kill after kill, I moved forward. I savored each swing of the blade as I felt it thrust into warm bodies of these men fighting for a lost cause. One after another, they dropped dead. I emerged victorious, inflicted with deadly wounds but nothing bothered me anymore. The one-on-one awaited.
I saw his face aghast, as I walked slowly towards the deadly end.  He fell down to his knees, begging me to pardon him.

Blood red fury filled my eyes, my sword lifted and with one swift swing,  his head parted from his body.

I heaved a sigh and looked down upon my body riddled with cuts. I closed my eyes, as tears streaked across my face. I turned my sword around and pushed hard, as I felt the pointy end tear through my heart. The final cut.

The eyes. They return to me, at last...


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